Hey there, I'm Gigi

I started my business out of corporate burnout. And a need to do things a different way.

What I didn't notice was how the corporate culture was ingrained in my ways of working. I was craving for something different, just to get into the same old pattern of overworking, underpromising, overdelivering that can only lead to burnout.

"Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life" - Dolly Parton

I knew something had to change. Chasing the multiple X-figures was not enough. Was not fulfilling.

This is when I came across Human Design and started integrating all of my gifts and passions to support other entrepreneurs - like me - to build a business that supports their lifestyle. That allows them to make real money, while honoring their relationships, vision, and mission.

Why working with me?

Because you're ready for a deep, and lasting, transformation.

When working together, you're not only accessing my well of knowledge in business, finances, and money management strategies, you are also accessing my intuitive and channeling abilities.

To see beyond the veil [and don't worry, we won't access anything off the limits].

All of this so you can do better - in your business and your life.

The transformation comes from within, and you can feel it in your skin.

Let's address the elephant in the room... "My Cats and Me"

I know it's an unusual business name.

Early on I was told that my business would fail with such an unorthodox name.

There is a reason to the madness. My cats - Tiger, Arnie, and JR - inspired me to start my business, with a very unique set of values:

  • Having Clear Boundaries

  • Appreciating My Own Uniqueness

  • Following My Cycles

  • Prioritizing My Self-Care

  • Not Taking Myself Too Seriously.

And I live by those values to this day.

What is that you really really do?

I'm a Manifestation Coach and Profit First Strategist. A few of my clients see me as a mindset mentor - as I do have a lot of experience in the backend of businesses and I've seen a thing or two.

My clients also consider me their: Intuitive Business Coach, Money Mindset Coach and Spiritual Advisor.

I have the ability to connect with the Source: this is a skill I can teach you. But in the meantime, I am able to connect with your higher self, or Spirit, to support decision making and clearing energetics blocks that might be on your way.

WIth over a decade working with business owners, I discovered the secret...

...the secret to a business that is profitable and aligned, that requires no sacrifices, and now

I am on a mission to help others just like you!

There are 3 ways we can support you

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Human Design is the foundation for alignment and inner-authority.

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Self-Paced Courses

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you need to know to revolutionize your business and increase your profit.

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