After my first nine or so months in business I knew I needed someone who could help me think about the money that was flowing to me. It was all somewhat combined with my personal banking, I didn’t know how to think about planning for the future, and had a lot of mental baggage around money that I knew I had to face. During our initial getting-to-know-you conversation Gigi explained that she works with business owners on systems, strategy, and mindset. I knew I needed help on all three, I needed a guide, and expertise. Fortunately, I had seen great success in my first year of business but I was pretty clueless around how to handle it. Gigi is a wonderful balance of the practical with the less tangible/mental stuff – as we worked through systems and strategy, she would also get under how I was thinking about it all. She would challenge me in the right ways – sometimes I didn’t even know I was selling myself short but she would call me out and help me release my blocks. The benefits from working with Gigi are everlasting – I grew leaps and bounds in my systems (pricing, my books are set up, I know how to look at my cash flow), I understand how to think about building into the future (goals, cash flow projections), and my mindset is forever changed (I don’t question my pricing, I push myself, I feel open to abundance). This all requires ongoing work but I feel Gigi was my guide who left me off on a completely different path, paved in gold. Gigi is a true gem and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow and work with her.

- R.L. - Even Planner + Retreat Host

We have loved working with Giovana. It is easily the best investment we've made in growing our business because we always know where we stand. We originally thought that the cost might be higher than we could afford, but we quickly realized that the pricing is fair, justified, and necessary for us to scale.We feel at ease about our finances, knowing that Giovana is guiding us toward our goals. Through our monthly consulting, we are assured that we are growing at a sustainable and measurable pace.

- R + J - Consulting + Membership for Travel Agents

When I met Giovana, I felt I could trust her to do what is best for me and my business. The best outcome from this partnership is to know that Giovana has my back – my finances are all covered. I feel like I have someone on my team. Now I can decide 100% what do to with my time.

- D.S. - Web Designer + Coach

I wanted to understand how to build my business so I can make money and feel aligned.I felt so empowered by the session, you asked great questions that made me more discerning about how I'm creating my offerings in relation to being paid well and having freedom. It was so validating to hear how my Human Design impacts how I run my business and how to harness Human Design to create something that is more in alignment.

- C.M.B. - Breathwork Expert

I received so much clarity during the session and was absolutely able to see that my fears surrounding money were just that - fears and not rooted in reality.

I so so so appreciate all of the tools and advice you gave me during the session. I now have a regular practice where I genuinely look at my finances without hesitation and make the necessary changes. I have also set a new, higher goal for myself because I realized that I truly do deserve it and that there's no reason I should be playing small just to please others.

[Anyone] that really wants help overcoming their fear about money absolutely needs to book an Intensive call with Gigi.

Gigi truly has a way of breaking things down in such an intuitive yet practical way that
[I] have no choice but to walk out of the session having a much more confident and empowered mindsetYou made me feel so comfortable immediately and I felt so safe and secure sharing my true fears and anxieties. I really felt like you listened and empathized and gave me suggestions and insights from my perspective and that was easy to apply. So happy I got on this call with you.

- P.V. - Human Design Coach

Since hiring My Cats And Me, I feel a sense of relief in being able to have someone to ask questions when it comes to financial trends and projections in my business. Giovana worked quickly responds quickly and made me feel like everything is going to be ok.

- C.C. - wedding Planner

The moment I signed on with Giovana, I felt an enormous weight off my shoulders. She helped me gain a deeper understanding of my numbers and thanks to her, my business now helps me support the causes I believe in. I'm deeply grateful for the work that Giovana has done for my business because I'm able to plan for my business' growth better than I had been in the past.

- M.D. - Squarespace Designer + Branding Strategist

I received so much value during our intensive! It helped me to create an offer that feels aligned with me and is profitable.I appreciate all the additional resources shared: journal prompts, notes, and meditation. I can further develop my relationship with money and feel the changes every day.

I was frustrated with my business and, at a point that I was not sure whether I should continue or not. My offer was in contradiction with my values. I know now how to align my offer with my values, and I have more freedom. I feel joyful, and the block is gone!


I was looking for guidance related to financial goal setting, feeling more empowered with my business, and gaining clarity on what might be holding me back from reaching my income goals.

I got SO much more out of the session than I expected. It was beautiful, well-rounded, and informative.Your calm and welcoming energy made me feel comfortable opening up. You shared valuable knowledge in areas of finance, human design, energetics, and more.

I loved our session. I truly feel so grateful.

- E.J. - Coach

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