Build a business that supports your life

... not the other way around

We get it… you and your business are too unique to be put in a box.

This is why we won’t add bows and flowers to a framework that will make you spend time and money on something that is just not right…

Follow your passion, and the rest will come.” - You believed it.

And you’re still waiting for the “rest.” 

It’s time to treat your passion as a business so it can take care of you.

Running a business can feel overwhelming. It's more than "just follow your passion".

And you really do not know where to start.

We partner with our clients to create a business that supports your life with ease and joy.

We eliminate the guess-work, the bending backward just to fit in someone else’s framework for a successful business.

Working together, we’ll find the just right mix of structure, money systems, and mindset to manifest the business of your dreams.

... but you can call me Gigi.

I’m a Brazilian expat living in the USA [since 2014 - I can hardly believe how long this has been!], who left her corporate job to start a multi-six figure business supporting entrepreneurs and creatives - just like you.

After almost two decades working on the backend of businesses, I thought I had the recipe for success.

Yes, I did reach multiple 6-figures in my first year in business. 

But what I didn’t know it was that I was still trading my time for cash. I was still feeling burnout. I was still stressed every time I looked at my bank account.

I was still saying YES to many things that I should’ve said NO.

Being my own boss came with many challenges - the most challenging one was improving my mindset so I could scale with ease - and without sacrifices.I quickly learned that the recipe to success lies in not following tried and true frameworks - it comes from learning the skills of business and having a mindset of trust in my own intuition.

It requires trust, belief, and a lot of courage to pave my own path.

By integrating mindset with money management and operations in business, I was able to help my clients receive more money without sacrificing things that are the most important to them: time and freedom.

Now I help creatives, entrepreneurs, and rebels to create businesses that support their life, with ease, joy, and alignment.


Certified Mindset Coach

with Yes Supply

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

with Yes Supply

Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

with Yes Supply

Certified Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner

with Yes Supply

Certified Neural Energetic Encoding Practitioner

with Yes Supply

Channeling Level I and II

with BeLove Healings

Certified Embodied by Design™ Practitioner

with Krystal Woods

Certified IBT [Identity Based Transformation] Coach

with Bold Self

What working together looks like


Define your Next-Level Self and your most successful life + business

Get Crystal Clear

Get crystal clear with where you are at - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Create your Blueprint

Create the blueprint of healing and strategy to support you getting from where you are, to where you want to go.

"I wanted to understand how to build my business so I can make money and feel aligned.

I felt so empowered by the session, you asked great questions that made me more discerning about how I'm creating my offerings in relation to being paid well and having freedom.

It was so validating to hear how my Human Design impacts how I run my business and how to harness Human Design to create something that is more in alignment."

- C.M.B. - Breath-work Expert

"I was looking for guidance related to financial goal setting, feeling more empowered with my business, and gaining clarity on what might be holding me back from reaching my income goals.

I got SO much more out of the session than I expected. It was beautiful, well-rounded, and informative.

Your calm and welcoming energy made me feel comfortable opening up. You shared valuable knowledge in areas of finance, human design, energetics, and more.

I loved our session. I truly feel so grateful."

- E.J. - Coach

Fun-Facts About Me

1️⃣ After a decade and a half working on the backend of businesses, I decided that the corporate life was not for me. Running a business was not as easy as I expected. But it has been a life-changing decision and journey.

2️⃣ I LOVE food. Like, LOVE LOVE. I eat pretty much everything except for... "sad fruits"! I just don't find it appealing to eat something so... sad.

3️⃣ Since moving to Colorado, my "tan season" is winter. Skiing is a big part of our lifestyle, and being outside in the snow helps me get some color.

4️⃣ I'm a 3/5 Pure Generator with only the Sacral and Spleen defined. I make decisions in a split second!

5️⃣ My Astrology Big Three Are ☀️ Taurus 🌙 Aries 🌅 Virgo

6️⃣ My "dream job" as a child was to become a biologist flight attendant 😜

7️⃣ The biggest mistake I did in my business was seeking for answers outside of myself. The second biggest mistake was hiring before I had a foundation.

8️⃣ The biggest win in my business has been how much I allowed my business and myself to evolve. Supporting my clients to manifest dreams and miracles is so very rewarding!

9️⃣ I'm an avid reader - I read about 100+ books per year. I can't go a day without reading a few pages. I carry my Kindle everywhere! My favorite category are thrillers and police procedures. I'm trying to add more non-fiction books to the rotation.

🔟 My cats inspired me to start my business. If we are just a bit more cat, life gets to be abundant, joyful, and full of ease.

So... where to next?

I'm DIY'ng

Head to our Shop to get our templates and self-paced programs.

I want a quick win

Book a Focus Session to get clarity and create a blueprint with mindset, healing and strategy actions.

I want custom support

Apply for the One-on-One coaching program. A holistic approach to business and life coaching.



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