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Case Study: Business Profit to be the FUN MONEY

March 22, 20244 min read

*All names on the case studies have been altered for privacy of my clients. Results vary from people to people and are not guaranteed

I've know Kathy* for a long time, she is a beautiful fine artist that made art "for fun". The thing about Kathy is: she was always savvy about her finances. She did not subscribed to the "starving artist" mindset, but she never really focused on profitability. She is fortunate enough that money is not an issue in her household [some people have this security through a partner, others through inheritance].

What made Kathy decide to work with me was very simple: she wanted to, by the end of 12-months working together, to have $30,000 or more in profit for her "fun money". You see, Kathy really enjoy having solo vacations, and she wanted to be able to indulge, and have some spare money for seasonal decor. Money for her to have fun with.

Because her focus was never in being profitable, Kathy prices were set up to break even: cover all her business expenses and pay for taxes. I was so excited to work with Kathy for a few reasons: I love her work, and she has so clear in her mind what a successful life is - and she was already living it. Kathy didn't have any external pressure telling her that her value was dictated by her bank account.

The work with Kathy started with shifting her business mindset: she needed to move away from breaking even to being profitable. While we worked on a pricing strategy, she also needed to heal aspects of herself that told her she shouldn't make money by sharing her gifts and passions.

Every work I do, 95% is mindset and 5% is strategy.

With Kathy, the focus was on feeling confident monetizing her gifts and passions. Seeing the worthiness of art as an investment. And creating a price strategy that goes beyond breaking even.

Kathy is one of my most amazing clients - one of the reasons is: she knows that it takes time to be an overnight success. She knew that to achieve the results she wanted, it would take time to change inner beliefs and it would take effort.

Working with Kathy, I first got more insight on her pricing structure and how she set it up. We also talked a lot about her vision, so we could start placing the pieces for that now. When we started working together, Kathy would only do commission work. She had a vision of having a shop, and even partnerships with brands to use her designs.

The first month we meet weekly, and had daily messages to change her unconscious mind. We did hypnosis, affirmations, and journaling. She had a morning and an evening meditation/hypnosis that I created specifically for her to install new beliefs.

After that, we kept with the mindset work, and we move toward a bit of strategy: increasing her commission prices to account for profitability, start to brainstorm her shop: which items she wanted to have, would it be printed on demand or she would have a limited availability, what her launch schedule would look like, which brands did she want to partner with, so on and so forth.

And we started testing: testing new products, pitching herself to those companies, you name it. We add that intentional action so she removed all the guess work from her decision making.

Kathy developed seasonal products that were limited availability - she wanted to have a hand on the quality of the prints and she wanted to command a higher price for them also. She started pre-booking her commission work 6-months in advance. This allowed her to have more control over her time and a better idea of her cashflow moving forward. She partnered with local galleries and small businesses to create bespoke art for them.

By the end of the 12-months, Kathy had a profit of $30,000 and was working less than 20 hours per week [which was half of what she worked before].

Kathy said that while she has a very number oriented brain, and doing her finances was never a problem, what she needed to grow her business in a way that felt aligned with her life goals was strategy and the mindset to believe that it was possible. She never thought she would be able to work less and earn more money. She never thought it was possible for her to partner with other brands. She though that those things were for "big accounts".

Kathy now knows that if she wants to live a different life, she must develop a different mindset and take different action. She now has the tools to create a new life for herself and her family.

If you're interested in learning how I can support you grow your business, you can apply to work with me.

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Gigi Bier

Gigi Bier is a mindset, business and wealth coach who supports creative entrepreneurs in building businesses that supports their life, following her methodology of 95% mindset work and 5% strategy. Gigi has supported dozens of entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom and live out their most successful life.

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