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Harnessing EFT for Financial Success

August 23, 20234 min read

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or tapping, has been utilized in various aspects of life, from managing stress to alleviating physical discomfort. Surprisingly, it also plays a significant role in reshaping our financial outlook and manifesting financial success. As an EFT beginner, understanding this process can pave the way to a healthy financial future. Let's dive in and uncover how you can harness EFT for your financial success.

Understanding EFT

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, sometimes called "tapping." It utilizes the body's energy meridian points, which are stimulated by tapping them with your fingertips. EFT focuses on the principle that all negative emotions are rooted in disrupting the body's energy system. When we process those negative emotions and beliefs, we can learn and release them from our lives - implementing more supportive beliefs and patterns in our life.

Harnessing EFT for Financial Success: The Basics

1. Identifying Financial Blocks

The first step in harnessing EFT for financial success is identifying your financial blocks. These are negative beliefs, fears, and behaviors surrounding money that can limit your earning potential and financial growth. Some common blocks include fear of poverty, guilt about wealth, or the belief that money is the root of all evil.

2. Tapping Sequence

Once you've identified your blocks, you can begin the tapping sequence. This involves tapping on specific meridian points on your body while voicing positive affirmations designed to counteract your financial blocks. The basic EFT sequence is as follows:

- The side of the hand (karate chop point)
- The top of the head
- The eyebrow
- The side of the eye
- Under the eye
- Under the nose
- The chin
- The collarbone
- Under the arm

EFT Tapping Points

You might see variances of those points, which is natural as we use the meridians running across our whole body.

EFT and the Law of Attraction

The concept of EFT dovetails with the Law of Attraction, the philosophy that 'like attracts like'. Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs shape our reality, and by consciously aligning these elements, we can attract what we desire—health, happiness, relationships, and financial success.

Tapping can be supportive of changing your energetic imprint and reduce resistance into attracting what you desire.

EFT and Financial Success: The Connection

Your financial situation is closely tied to your emotions and beliefs about money. If you hold limiting beliefs – such as, money is the root of all evil, you don't deserve financial success, it's not possible for you to be wealthy, or you need to make sacrifices to build wealth – you're likely to sabotage your financial prosperity.

EFT targets these negative emotions and beliefs, enabling you to shift your mindset towards abundance. By tapping on specific energy points while focusing on these limiting beliefs, you can reduce their impact on your financial decisions, allowing for a more positive financial outcome.

How to Use EFT for Financial Success: A Beginner's Guide

1. Identify Your Financial Blocks: The first step is identifying the emotions or beliefs that are blocking your financial success. This could be fear of failure, fear of success, guilt, or any limiting belief about money.

2. The Setup: Begin by tapping on the "karate chop" point (the fleshy side of your hand between the top of the wrist and the base of the little finger) while saying your setup phrase three times. This phrase should acknowledge your problem and assert your acceptance of yourself despite the issue. For instance: "Even though I'm scared of failing, I deeply and completely accept myself."

3. The Sequence: Next, tap about 5-7 times each on the meridian points while repeating a reminder phrase, which keeps the issue at the forefront of your mind. For example, when tapping on the eyebrow point, say "This fear of failure."

4. Evaluate Your Intensity: After one round of tapping, evaluate the intensity of your negative emotion or belief on a scale of 0-10. If it's still high, continue with more rounds of tapping until you feel the intensity decrease.

5. Incorporate Positive Affirmations: Once the intensity of the negative belief has reduced, start incorporating positive affirmations into your tapping routine. This could be statements like "I am capable of financial success" or "Money flows easily and abundantly to me."

By consistently practicing EFT, you can reshape your mindset about money, paving the way to financial success. Remember, this isn't an overnight fix but rather a gradual process. Stick with it, and you'll start to see shifts in your financial life.

Here is an example of a tapping sequence that is available inside my program Money Mindset Mastery:


Wrapping Up

Emotional Freedom Techniques can be a powerful tool for overcoming financial roadblocks and fostering a prosperous mindset. By identifying and addressing negative beliefs and emotions surrounding money, EFT can help you harness positive energy towards your financial goals. Begin your journey today and pave the way to financial success with EFT.

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Gigi Bier is a Mindset Coach and Profit First Strategist who supports female and non-binary entrepreneurs to create a business that supports their lifestyle with her S.P.E.L.L. framework.

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