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How to Master Your Money Mindset and Boost Your Business Profit

October 04, 20236 min read

"Money can't buy happiness." It's an adage we've all heard time and again. While the phrase holds true in various contexts, it's undeniable that money holds significant sway in the realm of business. The ability to master your money mindset can indeed boost your business profit, and this mastery has proven pivotal for numerous successful entrepreneurs. A vital component in this mastery involves understanding the interplay between mindset, money, and profit while leveraging it to your advantage.

Financial success requires more than just a great product or service. Equally important, if not more so, is mastering your money mindset. For those unfamiliar with the term, your "money mindset" encompasses your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about money and how it affects your financial decisions. Harnessing a positive money mindset can significantly impact your business growth, profits, and overall financial well-being.

In this post, we'll chat about the concept of money mindset, and explore ways to nurture a supportive outlook towards money and reveal how this change can boost your business profits.

We will also reference an excellent resource, the Intentional Profit Bundle, which can provide you with further assistance in improving your money mindset, bookkeeping strategies and introducing you to the transformative Profit First method.

Understanding the Money Mindset

Money mindset is a set of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that we form toward money, often established during our early years. Understanding the relationship between our money mindset and financial behavior is crucial because it directly influences our financial decisions, risk tolerance, and ability to spot and seize opportunities.

A supportive, or "positive", money mindset is characterized by an abundance mentality, a belief that there is always enough money for needs and wants, while a "negative", or not-supportive, money mindset is represented by a scarcity mentality, which often revolves around a fear of lack. It's clear which mindset is more conducive to business success.

Harnessing a Positive Money Mindset

Developing a positive money mindset involves unlearning deep-rooted beliefs about money and redefining your relationship with it. I do go deep on Money Mindset inside Money Mindset Mastery [which is included in the Intentional Profit Bundle]. Here are some steps you can take toward this change:

1. Identify Your Money Beliefs: Identify your deep-rooted money beliefs. What attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts about money were instilled in you during your formative years? Recognizing these beliefs can help you understand how they might influence your financial decisions.

2. Transform Negative Beliefs into Positive Ones: Once you've identified these beliefs, work on transforming the negative ones into positive affirmations. For instance, if you find yourself thinking, "Money is hard to earn," try changing that to, "Money flows easily and abundantly to me."

3. Set Clear Financial Goals: Having clear financial goals can help guide your financial decisions and align them with your broader business objectives. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

4. Practice Gratitude: Appreciating what you already have can shift your focus from what you lack to what you possess, fostering an abundance mentality.

5. Understand your Energetic Imprint: Your energy is the "radio frequency" for you to attract what you want. Positive words will only take you so far if your energy does not match it. Practice being in a "high frequency" to remove any manifestation resistance. A quick exercise is to think and do things that make you feel loved, abundant, and joyful.

6. Invest in Self-Development: Last but not least, consider investing in resources like the Intentional Profit Bundle. The program is designed to improve your money mindset, bookkeeping skills, and introduce you to the Profit First approach.

Bookkeeping Strategies to Boost Your Business Profit

Successful businesses understand the importance of accurate bookkeeping. It's essential for understanding your business's financial health, making informed decisions, and achieving profitability. Here are some bookkeeping strategies to keep in mind:

1. Maintain Accurate Records: Keep accurate and up-to-date records of all your financial transactions. This can help you understand your cash flow, identify areas of overspending, and make informed financial decisions. You can use a paper ledger, a spreadsheet [like the one we have inside The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit], or even an automated accounting system.

2. Regularly Review Your Financial Statements: Regular review of your financial statements, such as your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, can help you understand your business's financial health.

3. Plan for Taxes: Keep track of your tax obligations and plan for them. The last thing you want is an unexpected tax bill. As a Certified Profit First Professional, my recommendation is for you to have a separate bank account to save and pay for your taxes.

4. Invest in Training: If you are not confident with bookkeeping, consider investing in training, like the bookkeeping component in the Intentional Profit Bundle [under The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit], or hire a professional like me to teach you the basics of accounting.

The Profit First Approach

While traditional accounting equations suggest sales minus expenses equals profit, the Profit First method flips this equation on its head to sales minus profit equals expenses. This approach prioritizes profit, ensuring that a portion of every dollar that comes into your business is put aside for profit before paying expenses.

This approach is powerful because it:

1. Changes Your Business Mindset: It prioritizes profit, not an afterthought, encouraging you to manage your expenses more wisely to ensure your business remains profitable.

2. Promotes Financial Discipline: By setting aside profit first, you learn to work with what's left, promoting a culture of financial discipline and resourcefulness.

3. Boosts Your Financial Confidence: Seeing that profit in your bank account can boost your financial confidence, reinforcing your positive money mindset.

The Intentional Profit Bundle includes the program Simplified Profit First, guiding you step-by-step on effectively implementing this method in your business.


Mastering your money mindset can have profound impacts on your business. It influences your financial decisions, risk tolerance, and your ability to recognize and seize opportunities. By cultivating a supportive money mindset, implementing good bookkeeping strategies, and adopting the Profit First approach, you can boost your business profits significantly.

The Intentional Profit Bundle is an excellent resource to assist in your journey toward mastering your money mindset and boosting your business profits. Its components, Money Meditation Bundle, Money Mindset Mastery, The Offer Clinic, Pricing for Profit, The Beginner Bookkeeping Kit, and Simplified Profit First, provide you with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate your path to financial success.

Remember, change starts from within, and your mindset matters when it comes to money. Start your journey to mastering your money mindset today, and watch as your business grows and thrives.

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Gigi Bier is a Mindset Coach and Profit First Strategist who supports female and non-binary entrepreneurs to create a business that supports their lifestyle with her S.P.E.L.L. framework.

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