Build a business that supports your lifestyle

with ease and freedom

with a custom approach to your mindset, monetization, and money systems.

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If you can imagine, even for just one second, you can create it.


To build a profitable and sustainable business that supports your lifestyle, you need to combine your manifestation skills with a monetization strategy and money systems that works for you.

We all started our business to create more freedom is our lives.

All we need know is structure and deep understanding of ourselves and our business to honor your vision

How can I support you?

With over a decade of experience supporting business owners, we found the magic solution for a business that makes money, and fills your soul.

The magic solution is: the 3M's

Mindset, Monetization, and Money Systems

Choose the path you want to follow right now:

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Master your 3M's with the Intentional Profit Bundle.

Or purchase the courses individually.

Each course has everything you need to know to revolutionize your business and increase your profit.

1:1 Services

Your customized approach to mindset, human design and Profit First coaching.

We offer Intensives, 1:1 Coaching and a Bespoke 1:1 Experience.

"Getting to know your numbers helps empower you as a business owner to make decisions for your business' health. WIth Gigi's help, you can confidently step into the role of CEO of your business knowing that you have a trustworthy financial professional by your side."

- Mariana Durst

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Hello, i'm Gigi

I'm a 3/5 Pure Generator and a Money Coach with a twist.

I believe that the metaphysical can only thrive with systems.

I believe that wealth is available to all of us.

I believe that you're the only one that knows what success looks like to you.

I believe that every business can be aligned, sustainable, and wildly profitable.

PROFITABLE: a business that makes money with ease.

ALIGNED: a business that just feels right. A business that is a reflection of your values, your vision, and your mission.

SUSTAINABLE: a business that supports your lifestyle. A business that supports itself. A business that doesn't requires personal sacrifieces.

Learn more about our methodology and focus

human Design

Human Design is the art of differentiation. We use Human Design and the foundation for alignment and uniqueness.

With Human Design, we can ditch the comparison and build a business that works for you.


Everything starts with Mindset. We focus on understanding your current model of reality and build strategies that supports you overcoming limiting believes, releasing old patterns, and create more wealth and prosperity in your life

Offer Structure

Instead of offering what Jane-Next-Door told you to, we use tools like Human Design, your version of success, and your gifts to create an offer structure that feels good and makes money.

All based on your own unique approach and angle.

Pricing Strategy

A profitable business starts with a business that has a sound pricing strategy.

We will work together on overcoming limiting beliefs and conditioning on how "price should be", in order to find a pricing strategy and structure that is liberating.

Intimate relationship with money

As any relationship, you need to give it time and attention.

I'll support you in understanding the story your finances are telling you. And how to leverage all the data to make intuitive + aligned decisions.

Profit First

With a custom Profit First approach, you will not only manage your money well today, but start to build the financial legacy you always dreamt of.

One account at the time.

WOrking together you'll have all the resources to make educated and intuitive decisions.

To build the legacy you always dreamt of.

Check out the blog for free resources

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