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WTF is Manifestation

August 09, 20234 min read

In the recent years, everyone and their mom is talking about Manifestation. "The Lucky Girl Syndrome". Quantum Leap. But... what the fluff is manifestation?

At its core, manifestation is the idea that we can bring our desires into reality through focused thought and intention.

But wait! Manifestation is not only "woo-woo". There is a scientific aspect to it: from a scientific perspective, manifestation can be understood through the lens of quantum physics. According to this theory, everything in the universe is made up of energy, including our thoughts and emotions. When we focus our thoughts and emotions on a particular outcome or desire, we are essentially sending out a vibration or frequency that resonates with that desired outcome.

From that perspective, we can see how the Laws of the Universe work with manifestation from a holistic and scientific approach. [you can learn more about the Laws of the Universe here]. The most known law of the universe is the Law of Attraction, which has been made popular.

There is also evidence to suggest that our thoughts and emotions can have a direct impact on our physical reality. For example, studies have shown that visualization techniques can improve athletic performance and even aid in the healing process for certain medical conditions.

While the science behind manifestation is still being explored and debated, many people have found success in using these principles to achieve their goals and improve their lives. By focusing our thoughts and intentions on what we want to manifest, we can tap into the power of the universe and create the reality we desire.

Is manifestation simple? Yes.

Is it easy? Not necessarily.

Where manifestation can get convoluted is when our program - our beliefs, our actions, our thoughts - is not congruent with what we wish to manifest. Those beliefs can be bold and in our face; or they can be so subtle that you don't even know they are there.

Let's say you want to make more money. Manifestation general concept asks you to:

➝ visualize
➝ align your frequency

But if you believe that "money is the root of all evil", or that more money = more work = less time with your family [and family time is high value for you], the signals are going to be crossed and you'll not manifest what you desire. Or you'll manifest more money now, and you'll lose it all the next second.

To affect real change, first we need to do the inner work. Heal our wounds. Program our subconscious mind to be more supportive of what we desire.

To support my clients with that, I created my W.A.N.D. manifestation method [you can access it here]

Outlining W.A.N.D. manifestation method

W.A.N.D. stands for

Anticipate Abundance
Nurture your next-level self

Let's break down this method so you can start manifesting your dream life right now.


Wish is your goal or desire. What is that you want to accomplish?

Here I'd like for you to check for ecology: how safe this wish feels to me, my family, my community and the world.

Anticipate Abundance

Enter an expectant space where you are matching with the frequency of what you desire.

What to check here is:

➝ what are the feelings I'm used to feeling?
➝ what are the feelings that I want to feel?
➝ in which ways can I add those supportive feelings in my life?

An example, if you want to manifest more money, you might want to connect with the energy of wealth.

Wealth, by definition, means "an abundance of assets". If you currently don't have an abundance of assets, you can connect with the energy of abundance, which means "a large quantity of something."

Eating a bowl of cereal? Be grateful for the abundance of cereal and milk in your bowl.

Going out for a walk? Be grateful for the abundance of leaves on the tree.

Nurture your next-level self

You can call it "higher self" or "quantum self". I call it next-level self. This is the time to connect with the version of you that has already accomplished your wish.

Visualize it, identity how you can add flavors of that person in your life.


Decide what the logical next step to achieve your goal is. Manifestation is not only about the energy. It takes intentional action and now is the time for you to decide which actions you are taking.

[want to get the guide on the W.A.N.D. method? click here to access the pdf and the training]

Final thoughts on manifestation

I think that manifestation is a part of life, we are always creating our reality by filtering the information around us through our lenses, our experiences, what we believe to be true about the world and about ourselves.

As humans, we all have unlimited potential, we are all meant to live in joy, abundance, and love. What we are experiencing today, the things that we observe that happens to us time and time again, are just a metric, feedback, of which energy we are holding and what we believe to be true about the world.

With science based manifestation methods, we can start creating a new self fulfilling prophecy.

If you are looking for support in your manifestation journey, you can

download the W.A.N.D. workbook
join Money Mindset Mastery
apply to work 1:1 with me

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Gigi Bier

Gigi Bier is a mindset, business and wealth coach who supports creative entrepreneurs in building businesses that supports their life, following her methodology of 95% mindset work and 5% strategy. Gigi has supported dozens of entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom and live out their most successful life.

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